Call for sites

The Call for Sites is an important early step in the Review of the MBC Local Plan which was initally open between 28th February and 24th May 2019. The purpose of the Call for Sites is to establish what land is potentially available in the Borough. The land that was submitted will form an important part of the evidence base that underpins the spatial pattern of development included in the Local Plan.

These sites have been put forward by landowners and/or prospective developers to the council as part of its local plan review process. At the point of release (4 November 2019) no decisions have been taken on these sites. Not all sites will be needed for the local plan review and many will be deemed unsuitable.

The Council is currently assessing all of the sites received for their suitability for inclusion in the Local Plan Review. In the meantime, we have made all of the responses received available on our Google Drive.

We cannot guarantee that sites submitted from 9th January 2021 will be processed for this Local Plan Review. Sites submitted from the 9th January 2021 may be considered as part of a future Local Plan Review

We advise that you first look at the Borough map to find the site(s) that are of interest to you, then use the reference number to view the information submitted

We requested information about sites which might be suitable for the following:

  • Housing, including specialist housing such as housing for the elderly
  • Employment including offices, research and development, industrial, storage and distribution
  • Retail
  • Leisure including hotels, gyms and cinemas
  • Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Show-people
  • Nursing and care homes

An Information Pack was prepared for those wishing to make a submission:

You can find the Call for Sites form here.

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