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Local Plan Review Examination & Updates

The review of the Maidstone Local Plan (adopted 25 October 2017) was submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination on Thursday 31 March 2022.

Overview and submission - details of the submission of the Local Plan Review and information on the appointed Planning Inspector and Programme Officer


The review of the Maidstone Local Plan (adopted 25 October 2017) was submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination on Thursday 31 March 2022.


Mr David Spencer BA(Hons) DipTP MRTPI  from the Planning Inspectorate has been appointed by the Secretary of State to carry out the independent Examination of the Local Plan.

The Inspector’s task is to consider the soundness of the submitted Plan (para 35 of the National Planning Policy Framework July 2021) and whether it has been prepared in accordance with the legal and procedural requirements.  Plans are sound if they are:-

  • Positively prepared – providing a strategy which, as a minimum, seeks to meet the area’s objectively assessed needs; and is informed by agreements with other authorities, so that unmet need from neighbouring areas is accommodated where it is practical to do so and is consistent with achieving sustainable development;
  • Justified – an appropriate strategy, taking into account the reasonable alternatives, and based on proportionate evidence;
  • Effective - deliverable over the plan period, and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic matters that have been dealt with rather than deferred, as evidenced by the statement of common ground; and
  • Consistent with national policy - enabling the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in this Framework and other statements of national planning policy, where relevant.

For further information on the Examination Process please use the links below to access the following documents:-

Planning Inspectorate’s Procedure Guidance for Local Plan Examinations (February 2022)):-


Planning Inspectorate’s short note for those taking part in examinations: (February 2022):-


Programme Officer

Louise St John Howe has been appointed as the Programme Officer for the examination of the Local Plan.   She is an independent Officer of the examination working on behalf of the Inspectors organising and managing lhe administrative and procedural matters of the examination process.  The Programme Officer is the point of contact for any queries concerning the examination  and  Louise can be contacted by email at louise@poservices.co.uk or by telephone on 07789-486419.

Any matters that anyone wishes to raise with the Inspector should be submitted through the Programme Officer.

Contact details:

Louise St John Howe

Programme Officer,

PO Services,

PO Box 10965,

Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 3BF

Telephone: 07789-486419

email: louise@poservices.co.uk

Latest news and updates - latest news and updates on the independent Examination of the Local Plan Review


14 July 2022

The council have submitted two further documents in their responses to the Inspector’s initial questions. For Question IIQ17 an appendix to the Maidstone Local Plan review relating to Maidstone Local Plan saved policies at ED9 and for Question IIQ18 an Updated Housing Strategy Topic Paper at ED10

7 July 2022

The hearing sessions of the Examination of the Maidstone Local Plan Review will be held in two stages, with Stage 1 opening at 10.00 am on Tuesday 6 September, 2022. Additional information including the Inspector’s Matters, Issues and Questions for Stage 1, Examination Guidance Notes and the Draft Programme can be viewed on the Hearing Sessions page.

28 June 2022

The Council have responded to the Inspector’s letter of 24th May and their letter and appendices can be viewed at ED4-ED4G in the Examination Documents. The Inspector’s reply to the Council can be viewed at ED5.

9 June 2022

The Council have prepared a schedule of all Regulation 19 representations in policy/paragraph order with their comments on the points raised. The document can be viewed at ED3 in the Examination documents and also on the Regulation 19 responses page.

24 May 2022 

The Inspector has written to the council with his initial questions and his letter can be viewed in the examination document at ED2.

Examination documents - correspondence and documents from the Inspector, Council and Representors following submission of the Local Plan Review

Ref. NoDateDocument SourceDocument TitleDate Uploaded
ED122.4.22Programme OfficerNotification to Regulation 19 Representors of appointment of Inspector.28.4.22
ED224.5.22InspectorInspectors Initial Letter to the Council24.5.22
ED31.6.22Maidstone Borough CouncilRegulation 19 responses in policy/paragraph order with Council comments9.6.22
ED424.6.22Maidstone Borough CouncilReply to Inspector's Letter of 24th May 2022 (ED2)28.6.22
ED4AMay 2022Maidstone Borough CouncilAppendix 1: Summary of Duty to Cooperate28.6.22
ED4BMarch 2022JacobsAppendix 2: Maidstone LP Extended Forecast Modelling Report28.6.22
ED4CMay 2022JacobsAppendix 3: Maidstone HRA Air Quality Technical Note28.6.22
ED4DJanuary 2015JacobsAppendix 4: Maidstone Landscape Capacity Study Sensitivity Assessment28.6.22
ED4EJune 2022Hume ConsultancyAppendix 5: IIQ11 Lidsing Garden Community28.6.22
ED4FApril 2022Charles & AssociatesAppendix 6: Scoping Note for Highways Modelling28.6.22
EDEGJuly 2021Charles & AssociatesAppendix 7: Inputs to Strategic Modelling Lidsing Garden Village28.6.22
ED527.6.22InspectorInspector's reply to Maidstone letter of 24th June 2022 (ED4)28.6.22
ED67.7.22InspectorInspector's Matters, Issues and Questions Stage 17.7.22
ED77.7.22InspectorInspector's Guidance Notes for the Examination7.7.22
ED87.7.22InspectorDraft Outline Programme V.1 (for the latest version please see the Hearing Sessions tab)7.7.22
ED9July 2022Maidstone Borough CouncilIIQ17 Inspector's Letter 24.5.22 (ED2): Maidstone Local Plan Review Appendix14.7.22
ED10March 2022Maidstone Borough CouncilIIQ18 Inspector's Letter 24.5.22 (ED2) Updated Housing Strategy Topic Paper14.7.22
Mr. Simon Bell, CounselLetter on behalf of Lenham Parish Council concerning additional evidence
Inspector’s Reply to ED11A
CPRE, KentLetter from CPRE, Kent concerning additional evidence
Inspector’s reply to ED12A
ED1318.7.22RSK GeosciencesMinerals Assessment for Heathlands Garden Community4.8.22
ED14May 2021JRCReport on initial case for Heathlands Station4.8.22
ED1515.7.22Maidstone Borough CouncilHeathlands Stewardship Matrix4.8.22
ED16July 2022Montagu EvansHeathlands - Proposal to provide property advice for employment land4.8.22
ED1722.7.22VectosPosition Statement: Update to highways Stage 2 modelling for Heathlands4.8.22
ED18A16.3.22Allen PykeLidsing Landscape Capacity Study Rev 'A'4.8.22
ED18B16.3.22Allen PykeLidsing Updated Landscape4.8.22
ED19March 2022Charles & AssociatesLidsing M2 junction 4 landscape mitigations4.8.22
ED20October 2021Allen PykeLidsing Key Kent Downs AONB Views4.8.22
ED20AOctober 2021Allen PykeAppendix A 2984-SK-01A AONB4.8.22
ED20BOctober 2021Allen PykeAppendix B 2984-SK-01A AONB Land 14.8.22
ED21July 2021Charles & AssociatesLidsing M2 junction 4 earthworks4.8.22
ED22A8.6.22Smedvik ConsultingLidsing Stewardship Framework Report4.8.22
ED22B9.7.22Maidstone Borough CouncilLidsing Stewardship Matrix4.8.22
ED2315.7.22Maidstone Borough CouncilPosition Statement Maidstone & Medway Statement of Common Ground4.8.22
ED23ASeptember 2021Maidstone Borough CouncilAppendix 1 Draft Medway Council and MBC4.8.22
ED23BMarch 2022Maidstone Borough CouncilAppendix 2 MC and MBC draft SoCG with track changes4.8.22
ED24August 2022Maidstone Borough CouncilLeeds Langley Topic Paper4.8.22
ED24A20.10.21Kent County CouncilAnnex A: Letter from Cllr. Payne, Kent County Council4.8.22
ED24B23.9.21StantecAnnex B: Policy Designations, Indicative Route Alignment and Dev. Parcels4.8.22
ED24C2021StantecAnnex C: Leeds Langley Corridor (Responding to LPR1) Stantec 20214.8.22
ED24D1.8.22Astun Technology LtdAnnex D: Leeds Langley Safeguarded Area in Local Context4.8.22
ED25July 2022Maidstone Borough Council & Defence Infrastructure OrganisationDRAFT Statement of Common Ground between MBC and DIO for Invicta Barracks4.8.22
ED263.8.22InspectorInspectors Note on submission of additional evidence4.8.22

Hearing sessions - a series of public hearings conducted by the Planning Inspector will take place during the examination of the Local Plan Review


The hearing sessions will be held in two Stages with the Stage 1 hearings opening on Tuesday 6 September 2022 at 10.00 am. 

All the hearing sessions will be live-streamed and a link to the live stream will be available on this page when the sessions are taking place.

Depending on the outcome of these hearings, the Stage 2 hearing would take place later in 2022 or early 2023.

Stage 1 Hearings

Week 1

Tuesday 6 September - Friday 6 September inclusive (Friday 6 September is a reserve day required.)

Week 2:   Tuesday 13 September - Friday 16 Septembe

Week 3:   Tuesday 20 September and Wednesday 21 September (Wednesday 21 September is a reserve day if required) 


Maidstone Town Hall, High Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1TF.

Hearing Sessions Documents:

ED6  Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions Stage 1

ED7  Inspector's Guidance Notes for the Examination

ED8  Draft Outline Programme V.2 (13.7.22)

Examination library (evidence base) and submission documents - full list of evidence base documents that support the Local Plan Review


The library of supporting documents for our plan can be found on our Local Plan Review Evidence Page.

View the evidence library here.

The Public Notice outlines where copies of key submission documents can be viewed.

Responses received at Regulation 19 (2021) - representations received as part of the Local Plan Review submission version publication period (Regulation 19/20)


The Council invited comments on the draft submission document and this opened at 9.00am on Friday 29 October 2021 and closed at 11.59pm on Sunday 12 December 2021.The Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan Review: Regulation 19 draft for submission document was accompanied by a consultation on the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal.

Representations resulting from the Local Plan Review Regulation 19 were published on Friday 11th March 2022. All representations received have been uploaded and can be viewed here

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