Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 Consultation February 2020

* UPDATE: This consultation has now closed.

Lenham Parish Council has prepared a Neighbourhood Development Plan that sets out a sustainable vision for the neighbourhood area and a series of policies that the community is proposing to be used in the determination of planning applications.

Your opportunity to make comments on the Neighbourhood Plan (see supporting documents below) has now closed. The consultation was open between 14th February 2020 and 5pm on 27th March 2020.

Representations will be considered alongside the Neighbourhood Development Plan by an independent Examiner. In total there are 20 supporting documents. These can be found below:

Representations received

The following representations have been received

Alexander K

Alexander S

Ali N

Allen C

Ambrose D

Andrews A

Ashley H

Ballard E - a

Ballard E - b

Ballard M - a

Ballard M - b

Ballard M - c

Ballard M - d

Barr L

Bayly P

Bell K

Bennett C

Bennett M

Bevan R

Bird E

Belsom R and M - LATE

Bowyer Field Developments Ltd - a

Bowyer Field Developments Ltd - b

Boyd G - a

Boyd G - b

Boyd J A

Bracken G - LATE

Brumbridge G - LATE

Burch S

Burns C

Byrnes J

Campbell T


Charing Parish Council

Clowes E

Cockett M

Cosgrove C

Cotton I



Dann J

Dean T

Duffy P - LATE

Everett G

Farley E

Farley P

Foster M

Foster T

Froud M

Fuller L and B

Gardner R

Gainwell Futures Ltd

Galligan P

Gee D


Griffiths J

Hammond D

Hammond K

Hartnell P

Heeley S - LATE

Highways England

Hollyridge Services Ltd

Hone B

Hulm D

Jackson D and S

Jenkins A

Johnson L

Jones Homes (Southern) Ltd - a

Jones Homes (Southern) Ltd - b

Kennedy L and K

Kennett B - a

Kennett B - b

Kennett R

Kennett R - b

Kent County Council - LATE

Kent Downs AONB

Kilbey L

King S

Langridge R

Lawrenson B

Lawrenson J

Lenham Parish Council

Lenham Parish Council - Letter to Strategic Planning

Lenham Parish Council - Countryside Protection Policy CP1

Lenham Parish Council - Delivery Strategy

Lenham Parish Council - Justification for the release of William Pitt Field

Lenham Parish Council - Local Green Space designation

Lenham Parish Council - Publicly accessible open space

Leppard B

Livesey P

Mace B

Maidstone Borough Council

Manning A

Marshall D

Masters G

McDonald J

Mclaughlin A

Meek L

Merrick P - a

Merrick P - b - LATE

Messenger J

Natural England - LATE

Neale P

Neale S

Newman R

Peakall G

Perseval J

Pomeroy P and R

Price C

Proctor R

Ratcliffe A

Redmore G

Redmore R

Richards N and J

Robinson A

Robinson D

Robinson G LATE

Rogers O

Russell and Russell Roofing Ltd



Sibthorpe C and J

Southern Water

Squires D

Stockman J

Sweeney M

Taylor W

Thimidis A

Thompson G

Truss A

Tupman D

Valentine J

Watkins K

Watts P

Webb S

Webber K 

Wright G and C

Woollven V

Woolnough J

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